Baby Eczema Treatment 101

Babo Botanicals is a line for babies, kids or adults with sensitive skin or allergies. Most products in the moisturizing line contains at least 1-2% colloidal oat which is known as an excellent natural baby eczema treatment. The products also contain organic and soothing calendula to protect newborn's delicate skin and help relieve dry skin. Each product is also fortified with a proprietary certified organic Nutri-Soothe Complex of which contains organic watercress, chamomile, calendula and kudzu, packed with anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and vitamins. The shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, miracle cream and diaper cream all work as a wonderful system to prevent cradle cap, eczema and rashes.

What is Eczema?

Atopic eczema is an increasingly common skin problem that leads to extreme dryness, itchiness and skin discomfort. Caused by genetic and environmental factors, it often appears at the age of three months then improves after a few years.

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What Causes Eczema?

As to what causes eczema, it can be both genetic and environmental. The skin is typically deficient in lipids which are natural oils that puts a protective skin barrier. Without this natural barrier, skin can be more vulnerable and sensitive to the environment. Natural oils can be depleted by more astringent washing agents, chemicals or environmental factors.

Atopic dermatitis is more likely to occur among children with allergies, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and food allergies. But it has been reported that about 30% of young babies are affected by eczema.

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What are the Symptoms of Baby Eczema?

  • The major symptom is extremely dry skin
  • It is also rough and has small, flaky patches.
  • Dry, rough patches appear regularly or periodically, especially on the face, in skin folds (neck, elbow, back of knees) and on the extremities (hands, wrists, ankles).
  • The skin is very itchy, sometimes to the point to disrupting sleep.

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What is Best For Baby Eczema Treatment?

Many doctors would prescribe cortisone based products. We believe in a more natural and holistic approach and would recommend first to try a different bathing option and explore some diet changes (removing gluten from the diet). A natural ingredient which is known for a baby eczema treatment is Colloidal Oat (at 1% or more). If such changes do not help, then see your doctor.

Some Tips For Treatment of Baby Eczema:

  • Regularly cut your baby's nails short to avoid scratching.
  • Use sulfate free and natural washes. Aggressive cleansing ingredients can disrupt the lipid barrier.
  • Avoid products with synthetic fragrance. These contain many allergens to the skin.
  • Prefer products that are free of high allergy nuts and dairy. They can cause allergic reactions.
  • Use 100% cotton clothing
  • Avoid Mineral Oil
  • Try to use natural or gentle detergents and avoid fabric softeners
  • Products that contain at least 1% Colloidal Oat.

Your baby may have gluten, dairy or nut sensitivity so you should speak to your doctor about trying to eliminate them (even if breast feeding). Also, eradicate seafood from breast feeding.


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